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Interpreter System - Interpreter Booth

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Product Description

Interpreter booth is assembled from modular components. It is easy and convenient to dismantling, moving, transportation, installation, use. It has good insulation, sound-absorbing function. The Translation booth use good materials which is tasteless, anti-static. And it is safe on the eyes, skin and respiratory system.

This is our standard interpreter booth, the most sold of its range.

It's been design to match perfectly visually with other interpreter booth of the market, not only visually.

With very light panels, our interpreter booth is a pleasure to assemble (no real effort to carry panels).

Windows are taller and wider, going to the limit of aluminum profiled edges of each panel. It's an increase of +15% of light going inside.

Dimension: Length x Depth x Height 

-  Interior booth: 1500 x 1550 x 2000 mm

-  Exterior booth: 1560 x 1600 x 2030 mm

-  Work table: 1550 x 450 x 20 mm

-  Flight case: 2100 x 670 x 1060mm



- Booth: 117 kg

- Flight case: 73kg



- Fireproof Plywood

- Sound-absorbing Foam

- Washable Leather

- Aluminum alloy

- Tempered Glass



- Outside of Booth: Grey or Black

- Inside of Booth: Grey or Black

- Flight case: Grey or Black



v  Fire-retardant foam:

High-density fire-retardant foam (conform to British Standard BS5852), noise effect is very good, sound attenuation from 24 to 37dB.

v  Washable leather:

Washable leather as surface; half bottom use black color leather to hide kicking dirt, top half use a white leather make the light more adequate.

v  Scratch-resistant glass:

Adopted with 5mm scratch-resistant glass as windows, enhanced hardness is not easy to break or scratch. Good light transmittance performance will not be tired after long time.

v  Aluminum frame:

Adopted with aluminum oxide as frames, which is environmentally friendly, waterproof, impact-resistant,

high temperature resistant, no smell, no distortion, easy to clean and high durability.

v  Standards:

The European Commission (EC) certification, only 106 kg, conform to ISO4043 norm

Lightest Interpreter Booth conform to ISO4043 norm